Established in 2001, the SouthDoc co-op was set up to serve the people of Cork and Kerry, and visitors to the area. It is part of the primary care network within the Health Service Executive (HSE). The co-op has a membership of almost 500 Doctors, including your own GP. Your consultation will usually be with a local GP, or indeed your own GP.

To contact SouthDoc, please call 1850 335 999

What happens when I call SouthDoc?

1. Your call will be answered by a member of staff from the SouthDoc base and you will be asked to give details of the patient and a contact phone number. If you have a medical card you will be asked for the number and expiry date.

2. A Triage Nurse will ring you back as soon as possible thereafter. The Nurse will gather all the relevant medical information and make an assessment which will lead to one of the following:

a. If the details given suggest a minor medical problem, the Nurse will give advice to the patient/guardian.

b. Alternatively, a Doctor may ring back to discuss the issue and give advice.

c. If you need to see a Doctor, the next available appointment will be offered for the patient to attend a doctor at the SouthDoc centre nearest to you.

d. For patients who are seriously ill or suffer from lack of mobility, a house call may be offered.

e. If the situation is very urgent, an ambulance may be called on your behalf.

3. After your consultation, details will be sent to your own GP by the following morning


Co. Cork


The treatment centre is located in the new MPHC, 500 metres from the old Treatment Centre on the Old Cork Road. The building entrance is the last before the slip road to Cork. The Mallow Business Centre is on the grounds also. On the road up towards the Business Centre take the first left on the 1st roundabout. Take the first exit from the 2nd roundabout and the 1ast exit off of the 3rd roundabout. The entrance to the treatment centre is through the double doors.

Latitude: 52.117838
Longitude: -8.655767